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Modern Day Stalker Syndrome

With the recent news on possibly establishing a more concrete law against stalking, I've dug an old draft I wrote a few months ago about the modern day stalker syndrome.

Stalking only becomes an offense for a few reasons. The stalking party is related to the other like an ex-husband spying on his ex-wife. Stalking from a complete stranger only becomes punishable when a crime is committed such as rape or worse, murder.

Stalker Syndrome
Modern Day Stalker Syndrome Symptoms:

1. You view the person’s profile online over and over even if you have seen it a million times before.

2. You text anonymously using each and everyone else's phone number.

3. You enjoy watching this person from a distance but flee like an untamed horse when the same guy/girl is around.

4. You research everything about the person. Like what he/she does, where he/she goes, and who are the people he/she hangs out with.

These and so many other activities you probably don't even realize are considered as characteristics of modern day stalker syndrome.

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