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Collection of Love Poems | Old Poems Part 2 PART II: Love in Bliss and in Pain & PART III: Listen to Whispers of Hope

Collection of Love Poems

PART II: Love in Bliss and in Pain

PART I: Soliloquy with Dark Themes

Collection of Love Poems


philosophies of a young lover

if we are meant to be
we shall be
if we allow ourselves to be

if we are not meant to be
we can still be
if we allow ourselves to be

Love is a path we choose to take
we love the one we choose to love
we choose the one to love

choose to love
choose to love

for if lovers are meant to be
they shall be

if lovers are not meant to be
they shall simply love
and not be.

(inspired by "Philosopher's Love Song"
-Tita Lacambra-Ayala)


why i love you

i love you not because you love me too
nor because i like you as you like me too;
i love you not because you are always here
to comfort me when i feel blue;
i love you not because of what you do
or what you will still do in time-
need i say more?
i love you because i love you.

i say this because of what is love:
love is not a mystery to be dug
neither is it blind nor lovers are-
for love can never be explained in a word or two
and fools are who try revealing love's meaning
because love is love.


the language of love

love needs not words to speak once's feelings
neither do actions even express a thought
one needs not convey a single word
to say how precious is the sight of one's beloved.

amazing is love and how it speaks
one song speaks it all in silence
a smile, a glance of the eyes, a hand's caress
sincere love, unspoken, yet felt in silence.

for the language of love is not in words
it speaks the way one's body moves about
for when love is great there's no need for words
even in silence, love is heard.


On February 14th

the encompassing silence envelopes us-
it is as deafening as hearing me scream over you
or hearing you speak ill of me
this silence overpowers me-
does it overpower you?

i hear you with every breath i take
you are not a god, you are not my God
yet i hear you as i should hear Him-
do you hear me too as you should hear Him?

yet encompassing silence still envelopes us-
i hear you, you hear me
i hear you not, you hear me not
aren't we silent towards each other?
aren't we not silent about each other?

i see red-painted tapestry all over the city-
hearts and cupids and hugs and kisses
the 14th of the second month comes in days-
the thought if it delivers sorrow
knowing how near you are yet you are not here

i wish to be with you on that day
of red-painted tapestry all over the city
see you, hear you, smell you, touch you
be with you in every moment of each passing bliss-

yet encompassing silence still envelops us-
when will this over end? may it end soon.



i am mars
he is earth
i am war
he is peace

he is earth
i am mars
he is life
i am life not

so goes a blunt me bluffs
i like him
i say i don't
i want to be with him
i say i don't care

i say so
but feels the other way

they say love is
am i
or say a moron?


earth and sky

shall earth ever meet sky?
the answer lies upon the ocean-
earth shall meet sky
when ocean water runs dry

so shall i never touch you
(i am) earth (you are) sky

let ocean separate us
be it not run dry
the world is round
farthest where sight can see
earth touches sky

(i am) earth (you are) sky
i touch you.


The Princely Pauper and the Sand Castle Princess

all the world is round
i will yet see him

when my eyes ceases to see
nothing but never ending horizon
when ocean waves roll back
into one big ball of glass

i will yet see him

when today is tomorrow
and tomorrow no longer awaits today.

as this world spins a top so round and round,
each thread which binds us from east and from west
shall intercourse to a place they call "meet"

for when meets do meet
so i will i yet see him

all the world is round
i see him

less often everyday
and lesser still each week and month or so

much less or lesser
let meets do meet if meet be must
let meets unmet if unmet be must

i shall but smile at him and leave

all the world is round
and so my heart is

affection rolls from one guy i like to another
all but come and go's in the circle of love
"or is it love?"

roll then my heart
so round you are you will
but cease and stay
with another's heart you should belong.


cheap boys like cheap girls

cheap boys like cheap girls
cheap was i for many a time:
provocative glance
seducing smile
each tempting word i say

to guys i like for so short a time
could have been friends
had not my heart known malice

"did i call love affection gone in but few weeks?"


and so Solomon's lover
inflicts my thoughts with guilt-
"do not awaken love until it so desires."


casual conversations

casual conversations
walks past us each day
and never bothered to stop

he walks past me
and smiles and speaks
of angels words and angel's breath
i smell of his
i walk past him
and smile and speak
of words:
"my heart seeks for an angel"

silence is his eyes
which flies as with wind
each glance but sudden soars upon his angel wings
that when he looks at me a moment or so
his words wind whispers to my ears;
silence is not my eyes
for it hides behind screaming clouds of doubt
i wish to blow these clouds away

so i could in silence gently say-
i long to know him
i long to know why silence makes his eyes speak
i long to know why angel dwells among us
and smiles at me and speaks to me
i long to simply know him beyond what meets the
eye who is behind those hazel brown
eyes who is this guy whose voice
awakes Neruda in me?

but clouds i cannot blow away...

so let him walk past me
and smile and speak
i shall too walk past him
and smile and speak.


another guy i used to like

another guy i used to like
used to like me too
or so i thought-

his smile is sun that drives my dark clouds away,
hazel brown eyes which dazzles and sparkles
beats and upbeats the drums of my heart
as with every rise and fall of his curly brows
i like
his Harlem urban clothes, the way he carries them
that even wind likes him and lifts his shoes
when he walks with English air
i like
how he likes what i like too:
that game, those sounds, the arts,
the words in that wordy subject
and each word he says oh angels words
and angel's breath he smells
i like

how he seems to like me too
each glance, each touch and attention
or so i thought again-
yes he does, he does like me too
but not the way i like him back
no he does not, he does not like me too...

he smiles at me still but dark clouds gather more
hazel brown eyes dazzles and sparkles
but the beating drums sound dull,
angel words and angel's breath hold me up high
but the gravity of the earth pulls me back down
and each glance, each touch and attention
are merely visions now which pass me by

and so i write these lonely lines-he's just
another guy i used to like
or so i thought again...?


a monumental conversation

a monumental conversation
i see the sun stretch apart dark clouds
the way my heart peeps out of a window
it opened when once it closed a door from him

his heart is a dying tree
each glance is sun to him i shed
each word is water to his thirsty lips

but i cannot bind my heart to his yet
the way grass attaches to trees-
so nature names commensalism
so man calls marriage

but i love his leafy green leaves...


extrasensory power

may he come and prove my extrasensory power
i felt we would meet again from that day i first saw
how pretty he was to my eyes yet he does not know
how lovely he is in truth?

blessed be i to behold his pretty face
each time he climbs up at the stairs and stares
back at me with those beautiful eyes

he knows me with his eyes but knows me
not by name i know not his name either

and late our eyes met again and spoke
i did not hear what words his eyes did say
but mine in silence adored him
(the prettiest boy i've ever seen)

i am a mad man to boast of extrasensory powers
and whatever compels me to declare these i need not know
i simply know how much i am enchanted by him.


pimpled pretty lad

pimpled pretty lad
whose eyes the world embraces in long, dark curls-
it sways, each word he says, it sways
and dances in bright light

the brightness of his eyes i dance with
the pimples on his face

i like him, he likes me
but he hates my shoes a lot.



"he who smokes cigar
smells and tastes of hell"

her lips to touch his lips so bland
feels burning hot
not of passion
but of scorching, hellish heat

she spits his tar, his smoke and nicotine.

"he who smokes not cigar
smells and tastes of heaven"

she loves to lick his lips
whose mouth smells of angels
each press and pull the sweetest sound
of flapping angel's wings.

...the moonlit night shall soar the skies
with them till morning.


Silence Version I

Amidst the air polluted with noise
Nothing do I hear but stillness;
Silence which breaks the speechless dawn
Bringing me back to the seashore, alone.

The waves strike the whimpering rocks
As birds fly, soaring the sky so proud;
Yet with such music surrounding the sea
All is overpowered by silence.

In the silent prints of my footsteps
My beloved comes fast in heavy feet;
Holds my hand and kisses it with the wind
Then laughs till he could not laugh no longer.

He runs away, urging me to follow
But disappears behind the fog of morn
His caressing hands no longer do I feel
Gone, he is, in the silence of reality.

On bended knees, I begged him to return
Shouting with all my strength can offer
In my arms I will hold him tight, so tight
Even for a moment, I'll hug him so.

For hidden in my heart is my love for him
In sincere words I now could confess
But try as I may to express this love
My voice is forbidden by silence.


Silence Version II

Amidst the air
polluted with noise, nothing
do I hear but stillness; silence
which breaks speechless dawn,
bringing me back to the seashore alone.

As my footsteps trace
mute prints, my beloved
catches up in racketing feet
Holds me
as the sky touches sea,
kisses me
like birds pecking rocks for food.
He then runs away,
vanishing with the darkness
of the night. Light brought
him hushed forever...

Each night, my heart
soars where his soul resides
on wings of silence.



In melancholy, melodramatic
foolish me, delude
myself of reality;
resurrecting heart- the dead,
giving vision to love- the blind.
I soar paraiso de amores
on wings of deception.

From confident heights, fallen
disillusioned soon
with love's mystery and vows
of forever when forever flees
affectionate flame-
crashing, struggling
Icarusly against the ocean blue
and tragic debris of icy hue
annihilated a once was
passionate horizon
si! dolores de amor.


Must I?

Must I hide behind clouds of doubt;
lonely solitude I speak about?
Moments I thought I love another,
infatuation but refused to take me further.

Must I say I hate your ways
when I've embraced 'em all of my days?
'Declare toward heaven I understand you not;
'conscience confesses, the story is flat.

Must I deny and fool my peers,
I haven't faced the sun with cheers?
Truth concealed inside my heart:
stars would die when we're apart.

Must I pretend that I don't care,
your eyes behold me and stare?
The world will testify it's you I miss
with every moment of each passing bliss.

Must I forget those wasted chances
when all I offered were numb glances?
Regrets I have of things undone
and words unspoken while I still can.

Must I await so long a time;
for melodic rhymes, to hear them chime?
for your heart to beat together with mine?
Should it last a lifetime,
this ladder I'll climb.

Must I write more insufficient lines;
more to say but lesser words to find?
So before I bid this narrative goodbye;
I must say I love you, must I?


My Love has Eyes
Which Glow in the Dark

My love has eyes
which glow in the dark
He looks at me
and aflame a lovely spark.
For once my world
is but darkness around,
his presence created
a different sound.
I dig the earth
to the deepest core
and dive the depth
of the ocean floor;
Such infinite beauty
is all over me
whenever a glimpse
of his eyes I see.
His eyes are windows to reality
yet never so binding
and let's me be me.
Mysterious universe
we fearlessly embark
for my love has eyes
which glow in the dark.



Payapang lumilipad yaring kamalayan,
nakahimlay sa ulap ng kalangitan;
katawang bugbog ng pighati't kalungkutan,
nananaginip na lamang, lungkot ay lumisan.

Sa pagkatulog sa gitna ng sikat ng araw,
alaala ng sawing pag-ibig ay pinukaw
ng Inang Kalikasang lumuluha ng lawa,
patak Niya'y batong sa aki'y tumatama.

Nagising ang katauhang wari ay naidlip;
humanay sa paningin-tunay na daigdig;
himpapawid pala'y pawang panaginip-
sa kataas-taasan kumakabig.

Katauhang basa ng luha ng kaulapan,
umiiyak ding tanaw ang kalangitan;
asul na langit, wangis ay pasakit;
sa gunita ginuhit, nakaraang kaypait.

Araw at bituin, saksi sa papawirin
sa alab na kinukubli niya 'ring damdamin;
ginto mang sintigas ng pusong tigang sa buhay
tunaw sa pag-ibig nating sa sukat ay tunay.

Haplos ng iyong kamay at ngiti mong kay tamis
pinapahiwatig dakila mong pag-ibig;
sa tahimik mong labi aking naririnig,
pusong sumasamo ng kasagutang matamis.

Hangin ng kalawakan ay naging sanhi,
sa landas nating tinatahak magkamali;
panahong laan sa ating kaligayahan
tulad ng mga ibong 'tinaboy sa kawalan.

Tuwing naaaninag himpapawid na malawak,
badya nito'y bagyo sa kasawiang hawak;
tayo ay pinaghiwalay ng mga bukirin,
pag-ibig mong lihim di na masasambit sa akin.

PART III: Listen to Whispers of Hope


Circle of Life


down where mist
life relives anew

beauty fades
flower falls
yet only for a season



sun sets
begins night
ends day

tomorrow comes
sun rises
again and then

sun sets
sun rises
each a cycle
both lovely.

"to live is to believe
that there's never really sorrow
in life but it's just a part
of the day life in which the sun
sets. Nothing to worry about
for tomorrow it will
rise again and shine brightly
as if there never was really a
time it dimned."


Anno Domini

let things be as they are
for now
the power of a moment
overpower me:
my plans, my hopes, my dreams
everything i am
everything i want to be

let my past be all gone
as a dear departed do
only memories shall remain:
each lesson learned
each strength i drew
from my weaknesses

let my future be
what my present wills
the way my present is
what my past had willed

so let things be
as they are for now
i shall only live
for today.


Song of the Enterprise*

What is life but an endless space of nothing
Where man despairs to mold himself a shape?
"Who am I?" he asks the sun which answers
not his questions but also querries back:
"Why does man seek for life in the lifeless?"

Man replies; upon his nature based is not
to wish upon a star to blow him up
but freely falls a spear down to wound him

and bounces back searching the unsearchable
till he thirsts and falts upon discovery
of a planet within him
he now has his own and that world to find.

So man, from dust was formed, journeys on
till darkness blinds his dream of light
and dust awaits his homely return.

*Star Trek's Enterprise


The Bee and the Eagle

The bee's reply to the eagle when asked about its strength:

"I travel miles and miles a day, yet never tires. I can sting
the highest form of mammal with my dagger-sharp, needle-thin
mouth, making him howl in pain like the lowest form
of insect in the insect world, of which I am the strongest of
all, whether family, genus, order or specie..."

The eagle's reply to the bee upon hearing about its strength:

"You are strong indeed like an untired athlete of a race,
as clever as the deer which outsmarted the crock many a time;
as fierce as a roaring lion attacking its prey."

The bee's reply to the eagle:

"I am truly what you said and more. I terrify the air with my
dangerous sound, buzzing and buzzling all around! I make
a house with many windows, to see the world admire me
morning by morning as it grows. 'Tis as hard as a rock,
not even rain can its secret's unlock..."

The eagle's reply to the bee:

"Truly you are! And I am but an eagle with claws as piercing
as a sword and a beak made for ripping poor flesh; legs so
firm and muscular and wings that can soar higher than the
sun. Surely I am nothing compared to you."

The bee's reply to the eagle:

"You boast of such puny power that you have? Shame on you!
Nevertheless, my patience can tolerate your kind, you and your
lowly kind. Be thankful that I am a creature kind. Get it?
Laugh! It's a joke! I even have a good sense of humor!..."

The eagle's reply to the bee:

"Yeah right! Hail your kingly prowess! Such humor! Such
kindness! Such patience! But my stomach can no longer wait,
my impatience strikes with every growl of my tummy.
Oh silly bee! Now you will know who is king!"

The bee's reply to the eagle? No longer can there be,
for now it is digested, inside the eagle's belly.


Father Wrote

Father wrote laws for homeland:
submission to authoriME...
I amended but his constitution to:
freedom, individuality.
Furiously, he bombed me nuclear
disinheritance. I fled, exiled
a criminal for "wise disobedience!"

Lawman failed his Stalin-like job
when his convict escaped-young, fugitive me.
Fast as lightning thus he searched, found,
imprisoned his lawbreaker of a daughter.
And as lightning burns but disappears after seconds,
so his rage cooked me skin and flesh
but lost his appetite when food is ready,
vomiting a decree of lowered punishment:
"house arrest" unto me.

Then Father re-wrote his famous law:
dictatorship goes down the drain.


A Graduate's Plea

As a chapter in my life comes to an end,
I worship the Lord for the last of these pages;
Grateful for my school which trained me a friend;
offer my family, the glory of ages.

I beg the Father, writer of everyone's lives
To heed my prayers as I fall humbly on my knees-
Tell me the happiness of sharing one's success,
Walk by me across the sun-God of fairest.

As I face another page and leave you my school,
I'll go with lips unbound, full of praises:
Thanks for allowing my tale be published for thee;
May you aid others flight, the way you did for me.

To my teachers who granted me shelves of knowledge,
Bless you for good manners bestowed upon us;
From you we owe our future and to you we trust;
Teach young Fatherland's hopes the virtue of courage.

Youth's of today, break free from hiding in your shell,
Fathom wisdom's depth and drink its oceans well;
I leave you in this pen to create thy story
Write it with efforts through education's berry.

I ask thee parents to encourage thy children,
Never push them on the shadows of ignorance;
For through thee we have learned the way of endurance
Give up not, lightning their schooling's path.

Listen my friend and hear the raindrops of my tears;
Though sad in our parting I'll be, I long with cheers
when we meet someday on profession's high ladder,
But if fate would not at least we climbed together.

I sing you this hymn with all of my voices
"Good luck, good health, God bless you with roses,"
Cry for me not a mile of flowing river
I only plea that this poem you'll remember.


Tanging Nais Ko

Pagdating ng bukas, ang tangi kong nais:
tunay na pagbabagong walang halong hapis,
'yung may kaligayahan at tuwang kaytamis,
kailanma'y di matatangay ng tuwid na walis.

Kung pag-unlad ay dapat manatili,
di ko pipigilan at di tatanggi;
hahayaang lumago malalaking gusali
at makinabang mamamayang itinatangi.

Bagong teknolohiya dulot ng siyensya:
makabagong paraan ng pamumuhay ang dala,
kayraming opurtunidad para sa madla,
kasaganaan ang siyang mapapala.

Sa kabila ng kaligayahan at kasaganaan
ekolohiya at kapaligiran pinahahalagahan,
paglilinis ng bakuran ay panunturan,
bayang malinis dulot ng kaunlaran.

Di ko ninanais bumalik sa nakaraan
na tila paraiso ang mundong tangan;
nais ko'y pagbabagong walang kasiraan,
pagbabagong dulot ay kaligayahan.


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