Viral Photo of Bacolod Wet And Wild Party Scandal : My Heart Bleeds for the Parents |

Viral Photo of Bacolod Wet And Wild Party Scandal : My Heart Bleeds for the Parents

In one of my conversations with my nieces a few years back when I learned that they have a nightlife already, I gave them some tips on how to behave when they are out with their friends having a drinking spree or not.  I told them to never leave their glass or bottle full or with ample amount of beer or what they have so that when they go back to their seat and find that it is full, they should not drink it or never accept free drinks especially from strangers or even just some friends that they are just a little bit familiar with.  The purpose of those tips is to help them avoid troubles or unfortunate incidents when they are on night outs or “gimmicks.”

Bacolod Wet And Wild Party Scandal

The reason I brought this memory is that I was disturbed with the viral photo that spread in Facebook about an intoxicated girl being abused by at least five young guys.  The sad thing is that the girl was identified in one of the comments and the incident is said to have occurred in one of the most popular hangouts in Bacolod City.  

There are many ways of looking at this story.  Well, obviously some of the netizens focused their comment on the fact that alcohol can really mess up some lives.  But personally, I have different take on this matter. 

From the picture, you can tell that the boys and the girl are still quite young and probably living on parental support.  It is quite unfortunate to think that that their parents are probably toiling seriously either working as OFWs or are living on a tight budget due to limited monthly income and yet these young people are partying as if there is no tomorrow and behaving very badly.  Indeed, my heart bleeds for their parents especially on the girl's side.  It is quite a torment especially for the mother seeing her precious and beautiful child whom she carried for nine months and reared for several years would end up just being molested by these young men. 

While the parents have also some responsibility on why these young people ended up in this precarious situation, the whole blame lies on these young people, as they also have a mind of their own.  I say that these people were not lacking in advice and tips about alcohol, friends, gimmicks, and among others as I personally believe that no parents in their right frame of mind will allow something like to happen to their children. Thus, the problem lies with the children in many ways (I am not absolving parents here, but just trying to make sense of it all.) As one netizen pointed out, “umutang ng umutang ang mga magulang para sa marangal na pamumuhay ng mga anak” (parents are relying on credit to give better future or respectable life  for their children) and this kind of situation is their reward. 

The image is quite heartbreaking and another sad thing is that the face of the girl was not censored; thus, some netizens were able to identify her as her eyes and part of her face was visible.  I still insist that the faces of the guys in the picture should not be censored to shame the guys and make other girls be aware of their faces so they can avoid them totally.  Anyway, back to the parents, it is not enough that the guys will answer to their misdemeanors but DSWD should also set up a program to help parents deal with this kind of situation.  
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