Top 3 Important Things to Remember on Male to Female Gender Reassignment |

Top 3 Important Things to Remember on Male to Female Gender Reassignment

          Here’s a funny question for you.  If your penis is transferred to the forehead, how long should it be in order for you to see it?  The answer, even if it is thousands of miles long, you cannot see it because your balls will cover your eyes.  Yes, it is funny yet there is a deeper meaning we can attach to this joke.  That is, we have to think more than twice when we choose to modify our body.  One of the most sensitive types of body modification around is gender reassignment.  In the old days, it was termed as sex transplant but the term proved to be a misnomer since no actual transplant was done.

          During the early 70’s, a documentary movie titled “Mondo Asia” showed a clip presenting how gender reassignment was performed.  The operation started with the testicles being removed and the skin set aside for use later on.  Then, the part where the testicle was removed from will be the same spot where a false vagina will be molded.  As you might have noted, gender reassignment is permanent and cannot be undone after the operation.  Thus, there are very important things that you have to remember before taking the plunge.

Male to Female Gender Reassignment
          First, you have to follow the requirements needed in order for you to be a valid candidate for gender reassignment.  Meaning, you have to undergo a series of tests like psychological and neurological exams to ascertain that without a doubt you really feel that your penis is really useless.  You also need psychiatric proofs that you have no reservations about gender reassignment.  There is no turning back. Once removed, it cannot be together again. In addition, there are also medical considerations like HIV, diabetes, blood clotting abnormality, and obesity.

          Second, it is recommended that the candidate should avail of the grace period given in order to evaluate and reflect about himself.  It means that you do not need to hurry.  One of the major drawbacks with gender reassignment is that your libido disappears.  The testicle is an accessory to the tingling sensation once libido is up and or you reach climax.  Without it, these tingling feeling also disappears.  Thus, according to some people who underwent gender reassignment, the urge for sex has decreased after the healing period. 

          Third, it is an expensive option and according to numerous sources, the price range is from $10,000 to $20,000.  The cost does not include hormonal therapy and psychiatric as well as psychological consultations prior to surgery. In addition, there are also after surgery expenses such as dilating the vagina to prevent it from closure since the false vagina is considered as an open wound.  Then, you also have to consider insurance and health benefits factor.  You have to ascertain if gender reassignment is covered in your insurance and health policies. 

          Like tattoos and body piercing, gender reassignment should be taken seriously.  It should be not treated like a spur of the moment decision. 

Posted by Alden I. Bula

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