Audiolokal Sisikat din ang Araw Full Album

Audiolokal has now released their full album entitled “Sisikat din ang Araw.” The phrase was lifted from the lines of the carrier single “Saranggola,” a refreshingly optimistic track mirroring Filipino’s natural ideology of hope and rising again from the ruins.

Audiolokal Sisikat din ang Araw Full Album

The rest of the tracks from the album include the following:
  • ·         Tigang
  • ·         PSP
  • ·         Mukhang Paa
  • ·         Dahil Sa’yo
  • ·         Ipagpatawad Mo
  • ·         Ihip ng Hangin
  • ·         Abot Langit
  • ·         Inip
  • ·         Tsope

Ipagpatawad Mo, Inip, PSP, and Tigang were also previously included in the EP album.

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